The Types of Golf Clubs and their Uses

Each golfer has his or her own style of playing. Same may be a hard hitter while some are softer but precise. The type of club would depend on the type of golfer. Another important factor is the weather condition and the terrain. Some clubs are specifically made for water puddles while others are for deserts. Get to know everything about the course before buying a golf club.

This article will be providing the types of golf clubs and their uses to look for the perfect one for each individual.

Callaway Golf The first step as a beginner golfer is to know the different kinds of clubs. This is like the sword in a medieval battlefield. One should know the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of sword. The double-edged sword can be fast because one could hit using an upstroke or a down stroke. The katana is good for long-range combat, but enough of the medieval world. Golf clubs also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Like swords, picking the right club would depend on the user. Most are comfortable in using a certain type of club while others are flexible. There are around fourbasic types of clubs and each has its own use.

A driver is the most common kind of club –

Each golfer should have at least one of these whenever they are playing. It is the longest club and the first one to be used. They are for the tee shots. They provide the lowest loft and therefore would give the maximum distance. Most drivers are made of lightweight materials such as titanium. This is to increase the swing of the player to provide a big distance. Callaway golf recently came up with the Big Bertha Driver. It increases the space of the center of gravity to always let the ball fly straight. It also has an adjustable perimeter weighting for longer and straighter shots.

Irons are used for hitting golf balls from the fairway –

There are different numbers attached to irons. Typically, irons have numbers from 3 to 9. A lower number would indicate a longer club and also a lower loft. This would mean longer shots. A higher number would indicate a shorter club and a higher angle. This does the opposite. Most beginners are advised to try using high numbers first because they are known to be more forgiving. Even if a golfer hits the wrong spot, the ball would stray so far. Callaway golf has the best irons in the market. The Apex irons are made of carbon steel body for that lightweight but powerful swing. The Tungsten inserted makes it possible to have lower center of gravity to increase the angles and forgiveness.

Fairway Woods are not necessarily made of wood –

Callaway-golfThey are also made of metal which can be used in the fairway or for the tee shots. They are easier to handle than irons. That is why they are more commonly used. They produce higher angles but more precise. Callaway golf also made fairway woods from their Big Bertha line. The 455 carpenter steel face provides more speed when striking the ball. This would give off more distance than the average fairway wood. Not only that, Big Bertha has a new Advanced Adjustable Hosel Technology can increase or decrease the angle of the ball for a more precise tee shot.

The putter is the last club to be used. They are specifically made to put that ball in the hole. Putters are usually flat-faced to decrease the bounce of the ball when hit. Callaway golf equipment is specifically designed for different types of persons. It is important to study your own style to find the right club for you.

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