The Significance Of Funeral Services

Funeral services are a way of saying goodbye to a recently deceased relative or friend. These services – regardless of religion – act as closure, not only for the deceased person but also for the ones left behind. The services can also signify the beginning of the healing process. While the thought of the death of a beloved friend or family member may not go away, a memorial service is still a significant part of the journey of healing and acceptance.

Following Are The Significance Of Funeral Services :

Ever since the beginning of recorded history, societies all throughout the world have honored departed souls with certain rites or ceremonies. Early civilizations like the Egyptians were thought to have considered that such final rites sends the dead on a journey into the the afterlife. Most graves, prior to the 12th century, were not marked unless the departed belonged to a higher social status or class. Moreover, statuaries were only reserved for people of the highest rank in society. As time passed, immortalizing deceased persons’ memory increasingly became mainstream and grave markers slowly became the norm.

Currently, funeral services are held more for the sake of the deceased person’s family and friends. Such a service is a method for the surviving family not only to honor their beloved’s life, but also to get closure. This sort of closure can help tremendously in the grieving process as the ones left behind have to deal with a loss. They also must acknowledge that a death has occurred.

Truly, the healing process cannot commence until a memorial service or ceremony takes place. Scientists say that it is fundamental for humans to participate in death-related rituals. Such rites do not only lead to healing, but they are also ways to commune with others who are bereaved while remembering the departed person’s life and how he or she was important to the ones left behind.

Employers and companies normally offer bereavement leave to their employees in the event that a family member dies. The advent of the Internet has helped to bring people together in times of mourning. There are funeral homes that offer online guest registries so that the surviving loved ones and friends can send condolences from long distances.

Funeral Services

While most people prefer to be buried in the traditional manner, there are an increasing number of individuals who seek cremation. However, there are still some religions that frown upon the idea of cremation, not to mention that such a burial manner often cause discord and confusion among families. The question is, whether surviving family members are comfortable with the idea of cremation.

There is an option called direct cremation and many people seek to take out the ‘hassle of funeral services’ for surviving family members. The services are not meant for the dearly departed. Instead, they are held to comfort and support the living.

The death of a loved one can be taxing matter to those left behind.

That is why there are death care establishments that cater to the needs of these families. These establishments take care of the entire burial process; from facilitating the right legal documents, transportation, wake locations, looking for clergy to hold the service, physical setup of the service location, and providing the right burial casket or cremation urn, among other services.

All the establishments’ service lead to the all-important funeral service. While the service is a way to say goodbye to the person and thank the dearly departed for a life well lived, the service should also be a celebration of a person’s life and the person’s legacy to the ones left behind.